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Driver assessments consist of 3 main elements; these are outlined below:

  • MEDICAL ASSESSMENT: this takes the form of an interview to review medical history, present functional abilities and assess physical abilities, perception and cognition, speech, memory and vision.


  • MODULE TEST: clients are assessed on a static assessment rig to measure brake reaction times, brake pressure and steering strength. This gives an indication of reaction times and what adaptations may be required from a physical point of view.


  • IN-CAR ASSESSMENT:  A client drives one of the Centre vehicles onto a short roadway where basic vehicle control skills are assessed. The Centre has a selection of different vehicles with various adaptations to choose from. Where an adaptation/modification is not available to try, staff can advise where to access a wider range. The client may then, if considered safe to do so, drive on the public road. This assessment is invaluable to see how the client interacts with other road users , how they forward plan, anticipate the actions of others, deal with the complexities of driving and can highlight any other safety issues.

Consideration is also given to issues such as wheelchair loading, access/egress of the vehicle, and passenger needs. Additional assessments will be undertaken to address these needs wherever possible.

For passenger assessments, it is necessary to discuss with the client what problems they are currently experiencing, carer, health and wheelchair issues are discussed as required. Options are discussed after demonstration of equipment/vehicles.

Advice on correct manual handling/lifting of equipment is available and would be included in assessments.